Lucas Saiter, M.A., MHC-LP

I offer psychotherapy in many areas, including LGBTQIA+ individuals working on strengthening identity, immigrants adjusting to living in NYC, adults and young adults dealing with anxiety, depression, anger management, identity, grief and bereavement, trauma, and relationship and intimacy concerns.

I draw on psychodynamic, mindfulness, and cognitive-behavioral techniques to help people develop a more holistic sense of themselves so that they have more control over their lives. I am passionate about helping people gain awareness and become more authentic and agentic. Through personalized therapy, I am dedicated to developing a working relationship with clients and I see therapy as an opportunity to work together to develop goals.

My approach is characterized as a collaborative, compassionate, and active, where individuals can find authenticity in themselves and make meaningful change in their life by recognizing patterns and finding a voice for themselves.

I am bilingual and offer therapy in English and Brazilian Portuguese, my native language. I also work within a larger group practice called NYC Therapy + Wellness, feel free to click here to check out our website. I am also a therapist at the Institute of Contemporary Psychotherapy in the Psychotherapy Center for Gender and Sexuality division.

Fees range from $150 - $250.

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January 30, 2019
How To Avoid Having The Same Fights Over And Over Again In Your Relationship

In this article with Bustle, associate psychotherapist, Lucas Saiter, MHC-LP, writes about couples that are fighting about the same things over and over again. He addresses the importance of talking about the process, and not the content. We are very often caught in the midst of words that we are indirectly avoiding talking about the elephant in the room, emotions. If you are finding that you and your partner are constantly fighting about the same things, check out the full article to get some tips and gain some insight.


January 29, 2019
The Best Tips for Working Remotely When You’re Outgoing, Anxious, and More

Associate therapist, Lucas Saiter, MHC-LP, writes again about working from home, but this time for those who are outgoing or anxious. Lucas highlights the importance of taking breaks, particularly in times when you’re feeling sluggish. He specifically writes about getting outside more often during breaks as a way to recharge and increase productivity. Read the full article if you work remotely and need some tips.


January 25, 2019
16 Expert Work-From-Home Tips to Stay Productive, Organized, and Motivated

Lucas Saiter, MHC-LP, associate therapist, writes about working from home where distractions are common and productivity can suffer. He discusses the importance of setting boundaries between work and personal life, which can sometimes be blurred. Many of his clients work remotely and have reported that setting clear structure and boundaries helps significantly.


January 17, 2019
The Secret to Getting More Done When You Are Your Own Boss

In this article with Vice, associate therapist, Lucas Saiter, MHC-LP, writes about productivity when working as your own boss or working from home. He discusses the importance of developing and sticking to a strict schedule, including times to unwind. This article is perfect for those who feel productivity decrease when working as their boss or simply working from home, where distractions run wild.


January 14, 2019
14 Toxic Thoughts To Let Go Of If You Want To Be Happier

Associate psychotherapist, Lucas Saiter, MHC-LP, writes about the importance of letting go of certain thoughts in order to stay motivated. He writes about the difficulty we all have to do things as they come and avoid procrastination. To read more and learn how to practice discipline and motivation, check out the full article.


January 5, 2019
Your Ultimate Guide To Self-Care And Wellness In 2019

Lucas Saiter, MHC-LP, associate therapist, writes about self care and provides a general guide that can be used to get a self care routine started. Although he discusses specific techniques that have worked with his clients, he also mentions different apps used for meditation that have shown positive results in the past. Most importantly, he emphasizes the importance of finding self care strategies that work for you - but feel free to read more to get started or to help brainstorm.